How To Design An Ideal Nursery...For You & Your Baby!

Guest Blogger - Amanda Goodwillie,  A.DeLane Design

A. DeLane Design is a boutique interiors and surface pattern design studio in Evanston, IL. Founded in 2012 by Amanda Goodwillie, following more than 12 years of working as a senior project designer at some of Chicago's top hospitality design firms.

A. DeLane is a full service design studio focusing mainly on hospitality, retail, and residential interiors projects.

Congrats, you're having a baby! Let the Pinterest fun begin.... Suddenly, you realize that you've pinned a million different styles, themes, color schemes. How will you begin the actual room? It's okay, we have all done it. Take a deep breathe, and consider a few guidelines to help you effectively edit all the ideas you've come across to find the room that fits you and your baby. 

Before actually beginning, there are a few things that are good to keep in mind throughout the whole process.

  • Consider the function of each area of the space as you're going, especially the changing table area. You want to keep all the things you will need at close reach to you, and out of reach to the little one on the table...don't over clutter the function of that very important area.
  •   A well placed hamper is key. Close to the changing table is best, and make sure you have an organized dresser or closet that is well thought out and not over stocked. Leaving room in the drawers and closet will allow you to easily put everything away as it is washed. This is especially true for those using cloth diapers.
  • Leave space for baby to grow. If you are starting baby in a cradle or smaller crib, leave room to fit a larger crib or toddler bed as your baby grows into different furniture. Think about how and where you will place the baby monitor in relation to the crib, so that it can easily reach an outlet and be camouflaged in it's surroundings to not stick out.
  • Will your room have a ceiling fan? Babies love fans. It is also thought to help keep them comfortable and safe! (
  • Window treatments - consider using black-out shades in some form to be able to control the light in the space to fit baby's sleeping schedule.

Like that pinterest board, the tips and notes and advice can go on and on, so I will limit this guide to beginning the design of the space by creating a solid base and layering in select pieces to create a space that is the right feel for you and your baby.

kiddo room-1.jpg
  1. Create a neutral base, choose a color palette that isn’t overpowering. 

    It can be easy to get carried away with the idea of creating the perfect nursery and wanting to add all the cute baby/kid ideas you come across, but keeping the bones of the space neutral will allow the accents to pop out and be whimsical and the room will be able to evolve more easily into the different stages or different functions the room may serve. Neutral base doesn't necessarily mean a grey or beige paint color (especially not beige!), but it does mean to pick a color that isn't too loud, a good background for the accents, pattern, textures, art, etc  Something that you respond to as calm (you will be spending a significant amount of time in the room too), will have staying power as the accents and layout shift over time.

  2. Pick a piece of art or graphic that you love, to build the room around. 

    Art is the personality of the room. That said, you don't want to put every piece of art you come across in the room; make sure to edit and focus on a piece or pattern you really love as a starting point to layer onto selectively. 

    Wallpaper can be a great way to add an accent and/or graphic that is bold and act as the art for the room. Black and white, or high contrast shapes and patterns give babies something to focus on and the ability to concentrate intensely on a visual can allow their brains to rest. Using a wallpaper with high contrast can not only be something to design the room around, but it will help your babies brain development. 

    Don't limit yourself to overly cutesy just because it's a room for a baby. If you go the wallpaper route, be honest about how long it will be up on the walls. Make sure to pick something you love enough that will have the staying power to hold up over the years and evolution of the room. 

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          3.  Don't let the lighting be an after thought.

Lighting that is easy to access when you have your hands full, and different types of lighting for different purposes are important to keep in mind. (General lighting, indirect lighting to keep the low level, nightlight...) Touch lamps, that you can turn on and off by touching anywhere, are very handy when you have your hands full and sometimes need light quick but only have an elbow available. Have a light that can illuminate the whole room well, which may be a ceiling light or just a light that is brighter, an indirect light that you can turn on when you need to see but don't want to startle the baby with bright light, and of course a nightlight. 

The lighting can be a way to add unique art into the room too. A light fixture that is more sculptural or following a theme you've decided on are good ways to make use of the lighting as an integral part of the design, not an afterthought. Picking something that gives off interesting shadows or a pendant that can move more like a mobile are other ways to design a space to help your baby's brain develop.

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                     4.  Think about height.

Babies become mobile faster than you expect when you are a brand new parent. Keeping this in mind, design a space where the things you want out of reach stay up out of reach, as well as enough interesting, baby-safe things at a low baby level. High wall-mounted shelves or a closet or dresser that can be secured and hold all the things you want away from the baby should be considered. It is also good to keep the montessori model in mind, and adapt at least part of the room to the child's size and nature, to foster exploration and independence. (a soft reading area on the floor, low book or toy shelves, a shelf that can be used for imaginative play like a dollhouse or pretend city, magnetic wallpaper)


                  5. Think about textures.

Tactile experiences are very important for babies. Like the importance of visual sensory experiences, thinking about adding different textures in a room for your baby to explore are important. Consider a rug as a big opportunity for a textural experience for baby as well as a way to make a big design statement to tie the room together. Furniture pieces like ottomans, poufs, bean bags, floor pillows are other safe pieces at baby's level to explore.

click photos for links

There are so many possibilities for nursery themes and style, but starting with good bones, selecting the feature piece of art or pattern to design around, layering in key accents, and keeping your own personality and style in mind will help you make the right space for you and baby!

Favorite Things Friday...The Spring Edition!

Spring has arrived and I'm having all of the cheery Spring feels! The sunshine and blossoming buds inspired my to put together a yellow inspiration board...because what's more cheery than yellow?? *Click each photo for direct links*

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Local Artisan Spotlight


ABeadles Designs

I fell in love with ABeadles Designs the second I saw the 'Too Legit For Spit' burpcloths...and my love has only grown! I knew it was a match made in heaven since she even sells handmade fox moccs. She is the perfect mix of artisan, graphic designer & illustrator. Somehow she does all of this while raising two kids!


products from left to right: Fox moccs, burp cloths, mom badges, phone clutches

You can go straight to her website to start shopping, but you also need to follow her adorable instagram feed

Say Goodbye To Mommy Guilt

Guest Blogger ~

Amy Mason Santa Barbara, CA, Mother Of Two & Accomplished Author

Hey Mama! Let's talk about a bad friend that's been hanging around way too long. Her name is Mommy Guilt. You know her by her accusing tone and condescending voice that whispers things like you're not good enough, you don't do enough, you'll never be as good a mom as so-and-so. She's the friend that likes to park your thoughts on your failures and stay there way too long. Do you know her? I do too!

It's no wonder so many of us put up with Mommy Guilt everyday. We live in a world where only the best of Mothering is put on display. Pinterest shows us the most creative and most fashionable moms in the world. Facebook and Instagram bombard us with pictures of beautiful families with well-behaved children enjoying perfect moments of marital and sibling bliss. How can we see these incredible pictures and not feel "less than"? Oh how Mommy Guilt loves to feed on that feeling.

Here's the thing - it's time to break-up with Mommy Guilt. It's an important step towards being content as a mom. I certainly don't want to mother from the place of fear she brings me to. Deep down, I desire the confidence to fully embrace the family I have and be the woman I want to be. I truly want to enjoy this beautiful gift of being a mom.

Over the years I've realized Mommy Guilt has no value in my life and I've been learning there are ways to put her off. Here are three ways to help you say goodbye to Mommy Guilt.

Embrace Good Enough

There's a whole theory of parenting called Good Enough Parenting that says that it is actually better to raise children as a good enough parent, rather than a perfect parent. The best parents are involved enough but are flawed enough too. Supermom is a myth and nothing feeds Mommy Guilt like trying to make yourself and your children live up to an impossible standard. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your children is to learn to embrace your humanity and see your limitations as part of the package of good parenting traits you already have. Your limits can be opportunities to teach your children about how to deal with failure and mistakes. Plus, eventually your children will become aware that you are not perfect; that they are not perfect. They might as well know that sooner than later and learn how to embrace their strengths and weaknesses. This helps children cope with disappointment and learn to roll with the punches. Isn't it a relief to know that your "good enough" is actually better than perfect?

Focus On The Good

Mommy Guilt loves getting your train of thought stuck on your failures. One way to escape feelings of guilt is to spend some time each day listing or journaling what you did well that day. Even if it's as simple as gave my kids a hug, or kept my children alive - celebrate it!  It can also include took care of me, or showed affection for my husband. Try to think of any positive example set , gift given, words said, healthy snacks consumed. Set aside time each day to only think about what you are doing well as a mother. This is not a time to think about what you should be doing or what you want to be doing better. This is a time to remember what you've done and what you are doing well. You will be amazed at how this list grows over time and each day you will become more aware of your strengths as a mother rather than your failures.

Share The Love

A great way to fight Mommy Guilt is to turn attention to someone else. Motherhood is a sisterhood and we all need each other in order to do this thing well and to raise our children into functioning, caring adults! Who are the moms in your life that you admire? Who are the women that inspire you? Take some time to let them know. Text them some words of encouragement. Write them a note. Send them a gift. Your encouragement might be a healing balm to their soul - and maybe even the boost they need to break-up with their own Mommy Guilt.

Friends, let's make a pact to leave Mommy Guilt in the past. Let's be ok with being real moms, let's focus on where we're succeeding rather than failing, and let's give each other a little TLC so we can be great moms who raise the next generation of caring kids!

XO, Amy

Favorite Things Friday...Local Edition!

It's no surprise to anyone that knows us that we love our little towns! Although Geneva doesn't have a full-on baby shop downtown, some of our favorite boutiques carry specialty baby and child items we are gaga over! This week we're featuring our favorite items from Cocoon and The Royal Wren.  Perfect for shower gifts, outfitting a nursery...or just to treat your own little crew!  


Cocoon ~ Geneva, IL

  ADORABLE nursery, bedroom or playroom art prints

ADORABLE nursery, bedroom or playroom art prints

  Milk Barn burp cute, so need these!

Milk Barn burp cute, so need these!

  In love with these shabby chic wood frames

In love with these shabby chic wood frames


The Royal Wren ~ Geneva, IL

  Flying Bird Botanical Teas for pregnancy and post-baby milk production help...also, aren't they just pretty to look at?

Flying Bird Botanical Teas for pregnancy and post-baby milk production help...also, aren't they just pretty to look at?

  Dardiman's California lollipops. Beautiful sugar-free organic treats for your littles that feature real dried fruit crisps!

Dardiman's California lollipops. Beautiful sugar-free organic treats for your littles that feature real dried fruit crisps!

  Adorable plush veggie rattles, need we say more?

Adorable plush veggie rattles, need we say more?

Now go shopping!!!

XOXO Tina & Jenny

Photos: Jennifer Kaye Photography

Fitness After Baby - Make it Fun!

Guest Blogger - Becca Barto , Owner/Instructor Fit4Mom

Throughout every pregnancy, our bodies change so much. A lot happens in those nine months! Did you know a woman's body changes more during the duration of one pregnancy than a man's does in his entire lifetime? It can sometimes feel incredibly daunting to get back into fitness after we've had those sweet little babes. You're probably tired, your schedule and your family's needs have changed drastically, and you just might not feel like yourself, physically and/or emotionally. After your doctor has given you clearance to exercise, take a deep breath and tell yourself to ease back into things. Give your body grace, honor what you just created (another human, that is)! Take your time- too much, too fast is the last thing a postpartum body needs as it recovers.

So, where do you start? Brisk walking, gentle yoga, and light resistance are all great options, but of course, not the only ones! In the warmer months, it's much easier to grab your stroller and head outside. The colder months are trickier! I love quick at home workout bursts. It can be tough to find the time for a full workout, multiple times a week. My go-to it a ten minute, full body at home circuit! I try to do it three times a day when my schedule it tight. You can squeeze it in when dinner is cooking, nap time, before your shower, before or after work, after the kiddos are in bed, lots of options!  If you have older kids, have them move with you! It's important to teach our children that exercise is fun and that it's an essential part of self care. If multiple times throughout the day seems too much at first, start with a promise to yourself to complete one round a day. Then, add when you're ready! See below for a ten minute workout example.

If you like a group setting, find a gym or fitness center that inspires you to be your healthiest self! Or gather a group of girlfriends you can meet with a few times a week to exercise together. The group that has a special place in my heart is FIT4MOM. I bring my kiddos with me while I teach a Stroller Strides class a few times a week. It's a full body, interval training workout for moms that entertains the kids- win/win!

Whatever you do, the most important thing is that it interests you! Find a way of exercising that keeps you coming back. And don't overthink it! A 10 minute dance party with your kids in the living room can be a great cardio session if you're really moving (drop down into those squats)! Remember that if you are not taking care of yourself, you won't be able to care for others at your full potential. Mamas need time too, so make the time, Mama!

Dreaded Ear Infections...And Some Things You Might Not Know!

Guest Blogger ~ Dr. Dave Hanson

Ear infections are one of my favorite topics to discuss with patients. Not only are they extremely common, chiropractic is such a simple and powerful answer for them! And even though most people wouldn’t normally associate chiropractic with something like ear infections, I find that once I explain to parents what’s really going on, they find it very easy to understand. That’s the purpose of this article – to inform parents what the actual CAUSE of an ear infection is.

Finding The Cause Is Finding The Solution

In 2006, over 9,000,000 kids suffered from an ear infection, 8,000,000 of which were given a prescription antibiotic. This is despite the American Academy of Pediatrics recommending “watchful waiting” for most of these kids. These prescriptions resulted in $2.8 BILLION in medical expenses – over 1/3 of which were paid out-of-pocket. It is the most common reason kids see their pediatrician or go to the ER, and the most common reason antibiotics are prescribed. Common...but not normal. We typically find that our patients who suffer from allergies, sinus congestion or infections, ear congestion or infections, and similar conditions typically have one (or more) of these three underlying problems:

1. Poor Plumbing/Drainage

2. An overactive sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system that lowers immune function

3. Excessive inflammation within the respiratory and/or digestive system

Poor Plumbing/ Drainage

Most people don’t realize there is a small muscle called Tensor Veli Pelatini (TVP) that is responsible for “milking” fluid down the ear canal, similar to the way your esophagus “milks” food down your throat into your stomach. So if this muscle isn’t doing its job, fluid accumulates behind the ear drum which can lead to an infection. So what would cause this muscle not to work? This muscle has attachments to the upper part of your cervical spine (just below your head), and gets its nerve supply from the upper part of your cervical spine as well. So if there is a misalignment or nerve interference in this crucial area the muscle isn’t going to do its job well – or at all! Think back to the birth of your child – were there interventions? Was it a C-section? Did they use forceps or vacuum? Was the labor process very long/stressful or very short (equally problematic)? Nearly every single time a child comes into our office for ear infections we can trace the problem back to undiagnosed birth trauma. It is the #1 reason for congestion in the ENT system. The good news is specific chiropractic adjustments handle this issue safely and effectively!

An Overactive Sympathetic Nervous System

Most people know that the Central Nervous System is the most important system in the body –think of it as the air traffic controller of your body. But most people don’t realize how closely it relates to your spine. Your spine is more than just muscles, tendons, and bones: it’s a living breathing organ that houses and protects your spinal cord. Your brain sends and receives signals to the rest of your body through your spinal cord and nerves that branch out from your spinal cord in between your vertebrae. There is a constant flow of information. So if there is a misalignment in the bones in your spine, it can cause nerve interference. Think of your spine as a fuse box: nerves that go to your heart, lungs, stomach, etc. work in a similar fashion to the way the fuse box in your house has circuits that go to your air conditioner, refrigerator, etc. If there is a “blown fuse” at the top vertebra in your spine (usually from birth trauma) it’s like tripping the “main breaker” on your fuse box, which stimulates the part of your nervous system that focuses on protection (fight or flight) and slows down the part of your nervous system that focuses on growth, development, and immune function. Undiagnosed birth trauma is an all-too-common event. During a C-section, for example, an estimated 60-90lbs of traction (with twisting) is applied to the infant’s neck, which houses the most sensitive portions of their nervous systems. Since you can’t be in growth and protection at the same time, this can cause a myriad of problems; most notably, a depressed immune system. This makes you more susceptible to all health challenges – including ear infections.

Excessive Inflammation

The third issue is usually caused by an intolerance or allergy to certain foods, toxins, and environmental factors. Most people don’t have actual “allergies”, their immune systems just overreact to irritants in their environment. Drugs may artificially decrease the swelling and congestion – but they won’t do anything to calm the immune system or get to the root of the problem (and often have nasty side effects). Most people will find huge relief simply by following these steps – and the only side effects will be feeling/looking/being great! :)

1. Completely remove DAIRY from your diet! All cow’s milk, cheese, creams, and yogurt.

  •  Cow’s milk is good for you...if you’re a baby cow!
  •  Humans stop drinking human mother’s milk, cows stop drinking cow mother’s why does it make sense for a human to drink cow mother’s milk?
  •  You get much more calcium from fruits and veggies – especially green leafy ones. Dairy actually causes you to lose calcium!
  •  Good alternatives are almond or coconut milk, and goat cheese.

2. Significantly limit (or remove completely) your intake of sugar and grains.

  •  Sugar feeds the inflammation and congestion.
  •  Grains break down into sugar in your body – even whole grains, and drive inflammation.
  •  Eat more veggies and fruit! The fiber will help stabilize blood sugar.

3. Significantly limit (or remove completely) your intake of processed foods, especially processed meat, and search out sources of grass fed and organic meat.

  •  Processed and preservative laced foods cause your body to have an immune reaction, which will increase inflammation and thus mucus production.
  •  Cows weren’t meant to eat corn – they’re designed to eat grass! So cows that eat corn are very sick and pumped full of antibiotics to keep them alive until they grow fat enough. Not good to eat. Seek out organic and grass-fed beef whenever possible!
  • We get almost all of our meats from Walnut Acres ( – a local farm who raises their animals right. Tell them we sent you!

4. Start supplementing to combat inflammation and aid recovery.

  •  2,000-3,000 mg of pure fish oil every day to address inflammation and support healing, preferably the Innate Choice brand to ensure the highest quality.
  •  5,000-10,000 IU (50 IU for every pound of body weight) of vitamin D every day to support immune function.
  •  Probiotic and/or digestive enzymes every day to support a healthy gut (where most of your immune system lives).
  •  Whole Food Multivitamin to take care of any possible deficiencies.

Favorite Things Friday!

Navy blue is so classic and so perfect for any little guy

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You’re Having a Baby! Here’s What to Bring to the Hospital

We’ve all been there, right? We go somewhere, we over pack, or worse- under pack, and just rarely seem to get it right. In the case of packing for the hospital in anticipation of your baby’s arrival, you want to be prepared. Well, good news! We’ve created a handy-dandy checklist just for you. As a mom and birth doula, Tina has seen her fair share of packed hospital bags, and is explaining just what you need- and don’t need. Be sure to download the PDF of this checklist!


For Mama

  • Pillow; in a non-white pillowcase. The hospital pillows will most likely be white, you don’t want to get them mixed up!
  • Flip Flops; sometimes during labor, your doula or nurses will have you get into the shower or tub for some pain-relieving hydrotherapy. You want to cover those feet on the hospital floor! Socks are also great to have.
  • Nursing Bra or Bralette (2); nursing gear really does make the beginning of nursing much more convenient. The bras and tanks have little snaps at the top of the cup connected to the straps, to easily pop off and peel down to give baby easy access to their most favorite source of comfort for their first few months of life. Nursing Tanks (2)
  • Pajamas (2 pairs); you’ll most likely stay in your hospital gown for the first day of labor and postpartum, but after a nice shower you’ll want to get into some of your own comfy jammies. Make sure they are nursing friendly, i.e. loose fitting to shimmy up, wrap tops, or buttons down the front.
  • Robe; it gets chilly in those hospital rooms!
  • Underwear; for when you get to take off the postpartum diaper! Wohoo!
  • Comfy Tops and Comfy Pants (2 each); remember, you are going to look and feel about 5 months pregnant when you’ve given birth. Your uterus will be swollen, and although you’ll be able to see your feet for the first time in months, you’ll still be needing to wear clothes a few sizes larger than you usually do- unless you’re one of those fortunate souls we all envy. Bring a couple of comfy tops, and a couple of pairs of yoga pants or leggings. Maternity wear works perfectly too!
  • Going Home Comfy Outfit; something that you can lounge on your couch in! You’ll need to get home, settle in, get comfy, and be waited on for a few weeks.  
  • Extra Bags; for gifts received and hospital freebies! The hospital will provide you will all sorts of goodies to take home. Take it all! People will also be coming to see baby at the hospital, and will bring anything from flowers to bags of clothes and balloons. Having extra bags will make packing the car easier.
  • Basic Toiletries; Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Shampoo, Deodorant, Brush, Glasses, Contacts and Contact Solution, Chapstick, Hair Ties, Make Up. Lanolin or Nipple Cream; the hospital and lactation consultants will be able to provide you with these also, but if you prefer a certain brand you’ll have to bring it yourself. You will be quite chafed the first couple of weeks of breastfeeding, so it’s best to get an early start on nipple care.
  • Gum, Snacks, and Gatorade; because labor can be long. Most hospitals will not let you eat during labor, but clear liquids are allowed. If you have a favorite drink, bring it. Gum, mints or hard candies may help you keep your sugar levels up, and give you a refresher after labored breathing or a long day or night.
  • Magazines; if you have downtime! You can also bring a book or game to pass the time.
  • ID and Insurance;
  • Cell Phone and Charger;
  • Pen; to record your birth story, journal, or write birth affirmations.
  • Camera and Charger, Laptop or Tablet and Charger.


For Baby

  • Diapers and Wipes; the hospital will have these, so if you prefer a certain brand you’ll have to bring your own.
  • Soothie Pacifiers; some hospitals will have these, but again, if you prefer a certain brand, color or material you’ll need to bring your own.
  • Scratch Mittens; sometimes Baby’s little fingernails are long when they’re born and can scratch their precious faces. These little mittens will keep them from doing so. Nail File; to file baby’s nails if you’re comfortable to do so.
  • Hat; to protect Baby from the drafty hospital air.
  • Swaddles and Blanket; the hospital will have them swaddled in the hospital blankets, so if you’d like a certain brand or color of swaddle or blanket you’ll need to bring your own.
  • Outfit and Blanket for Photo Shoot; if you’re having Jennifer Kaye come and do a fresh 48 hospital photo shoot, bring a little outfit or cute blanket you’d like Baby in or to lay on.
  • Nursing Pillow; this essential makes nursing much more comfortable for birth you and baby.
  • Bottles (if bottle feeding)
  • Going Home Outfit for Baby
  • Car Seat; the nurses will check Baby in the car seat before you leave, and will send you on your way safely.


For Partner

  • Basic Toiletries; Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant.
  • Underwear and Comfy Clothes; your partner may be sleeping on a semi-uncomfortable surface. Make sure they at least are comfortable in their clothes and shoes.
  • Pillow, Blanket or Sleeping Bag
  • Change for Vending Machine; they’re going to get hungry!
  • If they are using different electronic equipment types than you are, make sure they bring chargers.



  • Deck of cards; or other games to pass the time.
  • White Noise Machine; if you want to get any sort of sleep, bring something for white noise. There are a lot of blips and beeps in hospitals!
  • Big Sister/Brother Gift; brothers and sisters are usually so excited to meet Baby…having them bring Baby a gift, or having a gift ready from Baby to the older sibling really add that special touch to their budding relationship.
  • Gift or Note for Nurses; labor and delivery nurses work really hard to keep you comfortable and happy. As a doula, I have all of my mamas in labor bake cookies for the hospital staff. Not only allows the action of baking cookies to distract them as they are in early labor, but the nurses love the cookies and the gesture!!


Notifying the Troops

You know the second that baby comes a lot of people in your life want to be notified ASAP! You can take as much time to yourself as you need, you deserve it. You worked really hard to create this tiny person! Relish in that for as long as you want! Once you are ready to announce Baby’s arrival to the world, having a list of who to contact and how will keep things organized. Who to Call; Who to Text; Who to Email; Social Media Announcement; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Be sure to have your bags packed by 37 weeks gestation, and keep them in an easily accessible place. Baby will be coming soon! We have made a PDF checklist version of this post available to you, just print it out, check the items off, and you’ll be ready to rock!

XO, Tina & Jen


8 Photos To Capture In your Baby's First Year!

As you're adjusting to life with a new little one, it's easy to get swept up and forget about all of the little things you'll want to cherish and hold onto forever. We've compiled a quick list of the must-have photos for baby's memory book!

1. Coming Home From The Hospital

One of the biggest moments is taking that step and going home for the first time as a little family! Whether walking out of the hospital doors or bringing baby into the nursery you've spent so much time decorating, that first trip home is a biggie!


2. Little Fingers & Little Toes

Nothing is more adorable than some teensy little fingers and toes!!! It's amazing how fast little ones grow, and you will absolutely regret not capturing their cute, tiny features!

3. Bath time

Let's face it, bath time might seem like a chore...but there's only so long you get to do it, so enjoy every second! Bubbles, toys, water's all great memories!!

4. Favorite Foods

Mealtime might become so much a part of your routine that you forget how darn cute it is to watch your little one dig into their favorite foods! From finger foods to enjoying a first birthday cake, you definitely need to capture those cute messy faces!

5. Milestone Moments

Tummy time, sitting, crawling & walking....all essentials to any good memory book

6. Favorite Lovie

Every kid has that one favorite thing they can't live without and never let out of their sight. Blankies, stuffed animals, even a favorite pillow, can be special comfort items for littles. Often times they are cuddled SO much, there's nothing left of them to hang on to. They will always hold a special place in your heart, so they're a must to get a photo of!

7. Special Time With Siblings

The only thing cuter than a teeny, squishy little baby is when they are spending quality time with an older brother or sister.

8. First Smiles

smiles, smiles & more smiles....all the smiles!!!

XOXO Tina & Jen

All photos by Jennifer Kaye Photography