8 Photos To Capture In your Baby's First Year!

As you're adjusting to life with a new little one, it's easy to get swept up and forget about all of the little things you'll want to cherish and hold onto forever. We've compiled a quick list of the must-have photos for baby's memory book!

1. Coming Home From The Hospital

One of the biggest moments is taking that step and going home for the first time as a little family! Whether walking out of the hospital doors or bringing baby into the nursery you've spent so much time decorating, that first trip home is a biggie!


2. Little Fingers & Little Toes

Nothing is more adorable than some teensy little fingers and toes!!! It's amazing how fast little ones grow, and you will absolutely regret not capturing their cute, tiny features!

3. Bath time

Let's face it, bath time might seem like a chore...but there's only so long you get to do it, so enjoy every second! Bubbles, toys, water everywhere..it's all great memories!!

4. Favorite Foods

Mealtime might become so much a part of your routine that you forget how darn cute it is to watch your little one dig into their favorite foods! From finger foods to enjoying a first birthday cake, you definitely need to capture those cute messy faces!

5. Milestone Moments

Tummy time, sitting, crawling & walking....all essentials to any good memory book

6. Favorite Lovie

Every kid has that one favorite thing they can't live without and never let out of their sight. Blankies, stuffed animals, even a favorite pillow, can be special comfort items for littles. Often times they are cuddled SO much, there's nothing left of them to hang on to. They will always hold a special place in your heart, so they're a must to get a photo of!

7. Special Time With Siblings

The only thing cuter than a teeny, squishy little baby is when they are spending quality time with an older brother or sister.

8. First Smiles

smiles, smiles & more smiles....all the smiles!!!

XOXO Tina & Jen

All photos by Jennifer Kaye Photography