Fitness After Baby - Make it Fun!

Guest Blogger - Becca Barto , Owner/Instructor Fit4Mom

Throughout every pregnancy, our bodies change so much. A lot happens in those nine months! Did you know a woman's body changes more during the duration of one pregnancy than a man's does in his entire lifetime? It can sometimes feel incredibly daunting to get back into fitness after we've had those sweet little babes. You're probably tired, your schedule and your family's needs have changed drastically, and you just might not feel like yourself, physically and/or emotionally. After your doctor has given you clearance to exercise, take a deep breath and tell yourself to ease back into things. Give your body grace, honor what you just created (another human, that is)! Take your time- too much, too fast is the last thing a postpartum body needs as it recovers.

So, where do you start? Brisk walking, gentle yoga, and light resistance are all great options, but of course, not the only ones! In the warmer months, it's much easier to grab your stroller and head outside. The colder months are trickier! I love quick at home workout bursts. It can be tough to find the time for a full workout, multiple times a week. My go-to it a ten minute, full body at home circuit! I try to do it three times a day when my schedule it tight. You can squeeze it in when dinner is cooking, nap time, before your shower, before or after work, after the kiddos are in bed, lots of options!  If you have older kids, have them move with you! It's important to teach our children that exercise is fun and that it's an essential part of self care. If multiple times throughout the day seems too much at first, start with a promise to yourself to complete one round a day. Then, add when you're ready! See below for a ten minute workout example.

If you like a group setting, find a gym or fitness center that inspires you to be your healthiest self! Or gather a group of girlfriends you can meet with a few times a week to exercise together. The group that has a special place in my heart is FIT4MOM. I bring my kiddos with me while I teach a Stroller Strides class a few times a week. It's a full body, interval training workout for moms that entertains the kids- win/win!

Whatever you do, the most important thing is that it interests you! Find a way of exercising that keeps you coming back. And don't overthink it! A 10 minute dance party with your kids in the living room can be a great cardio session if you're really moving (drop down into those squats)! Remember that if you are not taking care of yourself, you won't be able to care for others at your full potential. Mamas need time too, so make the time, Mama!